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TMTA Student Affiliate Membership

CHAIR: Michelle Nassiri 

To provide students a wider musical experience than is usually afforded in private music study with recognition for achievement in various phases of musical education and activity. Please consult the SA Handbook for complete information pertaining to Student Affiliate membership and all State SA events. PMTA members must enroll students in Student Affiliate in order for them to participate in a Student Affiliate activity.
Grades 1 through Post 12 (age 26). (Students in the post-12th-grade category must be members of MTNA and TMTA.)
REGISTRATION DEADLINE - Tuesday, September 12, 2023 - at first members meeting.

Any student who participates in a SA event prior to enrolling as an SA member will be charged by TMTA an additional $15.00 processing fee. The teacher will be fined $50.00. No score or record of participation will be entered in state records until dues, fine, processing fee, and late fee, if applicable, have been received.
When registering students for any PMTA-SA event, please use the form provided on the event’s webpage.  Write ONE CHECK for all students’ fees made payable to PMTA. Please give or mail the form(s) and check to the chairman of the event.


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